APC™ Flash-Free In North Glendale, CA

Once again, 3M Innovation delivers a game-changer in orthodontic bonding – with APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive. Using advanced adhesive technology, APC Flash-Free Adhesive lets you move directly from bracket placement to bracket cure without removing adhesive flash – no clean up!

How It Works

A new transparent APC adhesive formulation is contained within a form-fitting fiber mat on the base of the bracket. When the APC Flash-Free adhesive coated bracket is placed on the tooth, the adhesive spreads out and conforms to the tooth surface, making uniform and consistent contact with no flash to clean up.


  • Eliminates the flash removal step
  • Saves bonding time for doctor, staff, and patient
  • Lowers bond failure rate
  • Protects enamel under the adhesive
  • Makes debonding and adhesive remnant clean-up easier
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